Lives refer to the amount of VIN numbers/Cars that your Handset can tune at any one time.

All dreamscience systems are enabled to tune one vehicle at a time. If you have the DSCI elite system that has the “buddy system”, this comes with a second dongle to lock to a second ECU/VIN allow the tuning of two vehicles simultaneously.

The handset will only use a life when your car is returned back to stock and you tune a new VIN/Car with a tune file.

NB Reading the DTC codes will not lock the handset to the new VIN/Car.

This usually happens on a non-strategy Load handset and means that the handset needs unlocking. Before returning the Handset to us you must plug the handset in and read the Strategy code. This can be done by following these steps.

  1. Plug Handset into OBD port
  2. Scroll down to Vehicle info and press select
  3. Select “Vehicle Info” and press select
  4. the handset will then display the 6 digit strategy code.

Once you have obtained the strategy code. Put the Handset in suitable packaging with a cover note that includes your details - include your telephone number, address, the Handset details and your Strategy code.

When we receive the handset, we will unlock it and contact you for the payment of £58.50.

Once complete we will return the handset by courier.

Unfortunately not – Our website uses a Verified by Visa payment terminal and is much more secure for you to pay using this on our Website. It will also accurately capture your details and can be checked before submitting to ourselves.

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