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Dreamscience Panel Filter

Dreamscience Panel Filter

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DS Performance Panel Filter. Direct OEM Replacement.

Dreamscience Panel Filter

- The Dreamscience performance panel filter is constructed from a foam filtration element and uses a minimal oil coating. The foam construction offer a superior filtering attributes. The Panel filter is super low maintenance and close to being oil free, this is something that will reduce the risk of your Mass air flow meter becoming contaminated with filter oil and dust from the atmosphere. 

- By making changes to the Air intake on the RSMK3 we are allowing the engine to draw in air much more efficiently, this is crucial when trying to improve power output of thwe engine. The first step is done by the means of a more efficient air filter. Built from 3 - layer construction it offers great filtration and even better peak air flow. 


Key Features include: 

- Our Panel filters carry a lifetime warranty. 

- Flows 30% more air over standard paper filter. 

- Improvement in Engine power and Torque.

- Does not affect manufactures warranty.

- Washable and Reusable design. 

- No increase in intake sound. 

- Does not require PCM calibration. 


The Dreamscience Performance Panel Filter teams up extremely well with the Velossa Tech BIG mouth intake for Performance gains. 





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£47.50 Inc. VAT

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