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Dsci Intercooler - 2016 RSMK3

Dsci Intercooler - 2016 RSMK3

£545.00 Inc. VAT

Performance Spec Intercooler! 120mm Deep Core Designed for High Power!    

Dsci Intercooler - 2016 RSMK3

- Description

This truly is a motorsport intercooler! a lightweight high performance intercooler core with hand crafted end tanks!

Specially developed 120mm deep core. Making much higher power figures on our Dyno compared to the stock intercooler!

Air intake tempertatures have been data logged on the dyno, charge temps did not exceed +10 degrees over ambient temperatures. Results on the road proving even more impressive!

This core type, unlike bar and plate has a rapid recovery rate. This allows imediate power when putting your foot back on the Pedal!

- Fitting:

The Intercooler takes just over an hour to fit and retains all original plastics. No alterations necessary!

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£545.00 Inc. VAT

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