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dsci Block Mod Mail Order

dsci Block Mod Mail Order

£375.00 Inc. VAT

Prevent cracked liners in your Focus ST mk2 with the dreamscience Block Mod. MAIL ORDER ONLY!

dsci Block Mod Mail Order

PLEASE NOTE This is MAIL ORDER ONLY! If you would like this product fitting, or would like to see more options, visit the standard fully fitted product page here.

The dreamscience block mod is specifically designed as a preventative measure to protect the block against cracked liners. If you are unfortunate enough to have already experienced a cracked liner please contact us before ordering so we can discuss any repair options where possible. 

A cracked liner symptoms usually are:

  • misfiring
  • loss of coolant
  • excessive white smoke

Whilst cracks are more common in modified engines, they are especially prevalent in the Ford Focus Mk2 ST225 engine due to it’s design, with an open deck and thin cylinder liners.

The dreamscience shims strengthen the areas prone to cracking, and is an ideal piece of mind option especially for those who have spent thousands modifying their cars.

DIY kit included,

dreamscience Block Mod

  • 1 x OEM Head gasket
  • 1 x OEM cam belt
  • 1 x OEM Cam tensioner
  • 1 x OEM Cam pulley
  • 2 x OEM V belts
  • 2 x OEM cam seals
  • 4 x dsci custom shims
  • 1 x 638 Loctite retaining compound
  • 1 x Turbo manifold gasket
  • dsci full shim install instructions. 

Price: £375 including VAT



To perform this DIY block mod you should already have the correct expertise to change a head gasket and cam belt on the ST225 engine. Our instructions only cover the DS shim installation part of the job. We recommend a garage or qualified and experienced mechanic performing this job. 

The DIY mail order method involves un bolting the turbo from the cylinder head while leaving the down pipe and all water and oil turbo supplies remaining connected.

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