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Forge Recirc

Forge Recirc

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Prevents boost wastage and increases the ever popular turbo chatter!

Forge Recirc

This is a piston design recirculation valve that is a direct replacement for the original fitment. This valve gives greater longevity than the diaphragm (OEM) valves but also benefits from its ability to be fitted with different springs when the boost pressure has been increasded or the engine has been modified. To ease installation the top or vacuum connection is angled.

The idea of these is that the standard valve on the car is suitable for standard boost settings however once you get a remap the boost pressure often increases resulting in the standard diaphragm in the dump valve to collapse as it is not designed for anything over standard boost pressure, this in turn will cause a boost leak. With this Forge dump valve it is a much stronger unit and will with stand boost pressures of over 2.5 Bar.


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£112.50 Inc. VAT

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