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Focus ST225 (mk2) Transmission

Quaife LSD for Focus ST225


A direct replacement for the standard Ford open differential, the Quaife ATB Helical LSD differential transforms your car's performance. Fitted Price Was £1045 now £965.00

dsci ST225 to RS MK2 Clutch FULL KIT


Now available fully fitted for £845

dsci ST225 Clutch Flywheel


RS mk2 Clutch Flywheel, for fitting to your Focus ST225. Stronger springs to cope with more BHP and Torque!

dsci ST225 Clutch


RS mk2 clutch kit containing Friction Plate and Pressure Plate, for fitting to your Focus ST225. Superior components to handle your modded ST225!

dsci ST225 Release Bearing


RS mk2 Release Bearing for fitting to your Focus ST225. Results in a lighter pedal for fast gear changes!

ST225 Motorsport S7 plus Driveshafts

£720.00 Was £800.00

Dreamscience M-sport S7+ Driveshafts are engineered to the highest possible standard. They are designed to have superior strength, tolerance, and reliability over the OEM shafts. Ideally suited for high power conversions, fast road conditions and track use

dsci RS MK2 Clutch and LSD Kit


Make a massive saving when buying this package....

Ford OEM Driveshaft (Individual)


1 Parts Year Guarantee with these Ford OEM Driveshafts!

Ford OEM Driveshaft Pair


1 Year parts Guarantee on the Ford OEM Driveshaft Pair!

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